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Athlete Recovery: Sleep is the Key

I’m a triathlete and an avid exerciser. I love the physiological feeling of a good workout in the morning, but even more than that, I love the psychological feeling of accomplishment, of overcoming the all the barriers to actually doing the workout. On both fronts, I want to be able to keep up my routine for as long as I’m alive, and the biggest barrier to athlete performance is poor recovery practices. It makes sense to me: most high-level athletes I know are very driven and incredibly motivated, and so they can short-circuit their recovery by not slowing down.

As I’ve said here regularly, and as the science repeatedly shows, the most important practice for consistent athlete recovery and performance is sleep. I know, it seems too simple. How could something as non-active as sleep make me a better athlete? It’s true, and the research bears it out. Sleep helps us to store and categorize our memories, which enhances our athletic performance. A Stanford study showed that athletes who upped their sleep to 10 hours saw faster sprint times, faster swim times, more accuracy in their shots, and overall increase in their physical and mental well-being. So basically, as an athlete, there’s no good argument for not getting enough sleep. Except that some of us don’t, for all kinds of reasons (anxiety, late-night screen time, over-work, etc.). So how can athletes get better sleep? The science (and you know that at planetarie we are science nerds) says that CBDa helps improves sleep in at least two ways: 1. by easing anxiety and pain, which in my experience make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep, and 2. by interacting with receptors in the brain that govern daily sleep/wake cycles.*

To improve my sleep, I prefer our softgels: they are easy to take and easy to take with me if I am traveling. You could also try our infusion: take it directly under your tongue, no drink necessary!

Here’s to your recovery, to your performance, and to your well-being!