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CBD and the Ability to Focus

I’ve felt it. You’ve felt it. That mid-afternoon, low-energy, mind-wandery numbness that happens right when you need a boost of productivity and focus. In that moment, I generally grab an over-used coffee mug and go for a refill, or I opt for a snack (it’s been pretzels lately), or I go outside for a quick walk (though winter in Colorado can sometimes be walk-prohibitive).

But what if instead of just treating the lack of focus, I could preempt it? What if instead of responding to the low energy after the fact, I could keep it from happening. And better than that, what if I could do that naturally, with no ill side effects, chemicals, or addiction-forming substances? Research is showing that CBD (and CBDa even more) can contribute to wakefulness. Here it is in science-talk, “this compound has raised promising pharmacological properties as a wake-inducing drug.”* As always, more research is needed, but the early signs are promising.

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