They really are our best friends: endlessly loyal and always happy to see us, no matter how bad a friend we’ve been to them. Dogs are integral to our own mental health and personal well-being. And research is showing that the same things that help us optimize our health can help with our dogs, too. CBD is showing promising effectiveness for conditions including osteoarthritis, pain, and anxiety as well as other common conditions in dogs.

CBDa for natural dog health

How to Give Your Dog CBDa

Giving your dog CBDa to offer a new calm and relief is super easy with our K-9 Infusion. Our infusion is made of the same natural, organic ingredients as all our other products, and is the least processed, most planet-happy and pet-friendly CBD you can get. To give your dog CBDa, simple drop the recommended amount on their food, or drop it directly into your dog’s mouth. Super easy, and your dog will thank you for the bacon flavor!


CBDa for your dog

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