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CBDa for Your New Health Intentions

Now’s the time that all of us are turning our attention to the year ahead of us, thinking about all the ways we want to be better than we were last year. I think it was Albert Einstein who said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, and I believe that as deeply as I believe anything. As you are thinking about being different than you were last year, what new thinking are you willing to adopt to be genuinely different? For your health, why not try something made from nature, that naturally gives you the well-being you are looking for? Here’s how.

CBDa for Workout Recovery
Expert research is suggesting that CBDa offers an incredibly efficient intervention for repairing damage that occurs in the normal process of exercise. Exercise causes damage to muscles, resulting in inflammation, so CBDa’s natural anti-inflammatory effects are perfectly suited for muscle recovery. Consider using our Muscle Rub after every workout to speed your recovery and maximize your exercise efforts.

CBDa for Better Sleep
Medical studies are showing that CBDa helps with sleep in two main ways. First, CBDa helps study participants enjoy longer sleep duration. Second, CBDa helps participants to fall asleep more quickly compared to placebo. Sleep is a key factor in better health, and CBDa supports this factor tremendously. Try our drink additive to support your sleep: try 4 drops in a glass of water before bed and see how your sleep improves.

CBDa for Anti-Anxiety
Authors of a 2015 review of the benefits of CBD found “preclinical and clinical evidence that established CBD as an effective treatment for numerous types of anxiety disorders.” These include generalized anxiety that many of us experience from time to time, as well as more significant things like PTSD. For a feeling of new calm, try our Infusion for quick relief: a dropper full right onto your tongue in the morning gives relief all day.

CBDa for New Year Health
At Planetarie, we do what we do for the sake of your well-being. We have high hopes for this new year, and we believe you can live into your new intentions. We are excited to see how CBDa can support all of your aspirations to be the best you you can be.