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For People, For Planet, and Now For Pup!

Our New K-9 Infusion

Someone once said dogs are people too, and if you’re a K-9 lover like us, you know exactly what that means. And just like people, dogs have their own stories they’ve lived, complete with ups and downs, joys and anxieties. So we’ve formulated our K-9 infusion just for your best furry friend, perfect to give your dog the calm they need. You can find it here in the shop, and it’ll ship with handy dosing instructions so you know just the right amount for your pup. And its bacon-flavored, so they’ll love every drop as they enjoy the well-being it offers.

Our K-9 infusion can be given to your dog in two ways. For the more adventurous pup, you can dose the correct amount right into their mouth for quick calm. If your dog is on the more cautious side, drop the recommended dosage onto their food, and they’ll find their own stress-reduction as they enjoy their dinner. Either way, dogs are people, too, so here’s to their well-being.