During the holidays, we like to give ourselves some slack: a little extra pie here, an afternoon nap there—we know we’ll get on track when all the celebrating is past, and we know you will, too. But while we are letting a little loose, we don’t have to skimp on our CBDa intake that works even when we are taking a break. Here are some fun holiday drinks to which you can add our CBDa drink additive:

holiday party with drinks and cbda

CBDa Eggnog

Eggnog is controversial: you either love it or you hate it. We love it! Its creamy, rich texture and nutmeg finish make for a quintessential holiday experience, and deliver our drink additive with all the holiday spirit. There are great dairy free and vegan options out there, and this drink is great with our without alcohol, so drink up!


CBDa Old Fashioned

This is a classic, of course, and a favorite of our Chemistry Manager (he’s a whisky connoisseur). One important tip: don’t cut corners on the ingredients, the Old Fashioned demands the best you can find. As you are crafting yours, swap out the sugar and use maple syrup instead for Autumn flavor, and add a dropper of CBDa drink additive just before you add the liquor.

old fashioned cbda


CBDa Vodka Martini

Holiday parties (in person or virtual) are incomplete without this highbrow cocktail. We like ours stirred (sorry James), and always with an olive. The subtle tang of our drink additive compliments the vodka and vermouth just so.

Try these drinks this holiday season as a way to let your hair down but still get your CBDa!


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