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Meet The Athlete and Chemist Behind Planetarie Muscle Rub

By Chris Carmichael,
Founder and Head Coach of CTS

One of the best parts of spending my life working in the endurance sports community is having the opportunity to meet and get to know brilliant scientists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and personalities. Of course, the more people you meet the more discerning you have to be about who you are going to listen to, and like most people my age I have realized it’s not wise to trust anyone who speaks in absolutes or who makes outlandish claims.

When I was approached by Planetarie, a company that develops and sells CBDa products, I genuinely appreciated the practical – even conservative – approach they take to explaining the effects of their products on anxiety, muscle soreness, overall pain relief, and more. Some of this may stem from the fact their Chemistry Manager, Ethan Stevens, is one of the most grounded, down-to-earth, young scientists you’ll ever meet…

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