The CBD world is exploding right now, growing at 107% annual average. This is great news in many ways, as more and more people will have access to the well-being CBD provides. It might also mean that there is more and more CBD available that is not extracted with purity and well-being in mind: some CBD extraction methods use ethanol or other alcohols, always leaving a trace amount in the final product.

cbda and transparency

transparency        transparency commitment

At planetarie, our deepest commitment is to promote human well-being, and so we extract with our unique method using only water, producing a more effective CBDa that is also clean and pure. And to prove it, we engage in full transparency: we test every batch with a third party testing agency, and we publish those reports on our website for all to see. You can find them here.

In this growing industry, the challenge is to find a company you can trust with the highest of values. Our transparency is our promise to you to provide CBDa with the highest quality, most purity, and with the utmost effectiveness.

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