Athletes have found incredible results with our products: addressing knee discomfort so they can keep riding, enabling sleep so they can recover quickly, and decreasing overall inflammation so their workouts are pain-free and more productive. And we are genuinely happy about that; we love being a part of the global community of athletes performing at high levels. But recently we found ourselves even happier: one of our athlete customers named Will helped out his elderly neighbors with a sample of our topical salve, and the results were, in their words, miraculous:

"Some time ago we gave our 80-year-old next door neighbor some lotion for her arthritic hands and she said the pain relief was miraculous.  This week, we gave some to another neighbor 67 years old, with a painful, swollen knee.  Same result.  Both ordered more.  Thanks for what you do. This stuff really works. You’ve helped two close friends of ours and we appreciate it."

planetarie for your neighbor

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