Mother's day

For the Hero Mothers

As mother’s day approaches, we at planetarie want to celebrate the unspeakably hard work that many mothers contribute to their families and the world. All of us want to give our hero moms what they need and deserve, and we don’t always know what that is. The team at planetarie want to offer some help to those of you who want to honor your hero mom, but aren’t sure how.

Keep reading to discover our recommendations.

mother's day self care


Recent research (you know we love research!) suggests that mothers work an equivalent of two and a half full time jobs. Furthermore, over the last year, our mothers have offered an even more extraordinary level of energy and sacrifice than usual: many mothers of young children found themselves at home, taking care of children who were doing online school. Moms are just heroic, that’s a fact.

So we want to offer all moms everywhere a thing they most certainly need right now: self-care. Our community reports decreased anxiety, recovery from muscle pain, reduced headaches, and better sleep. With code HeroMoms, you can get 15% off any of our products to give your mom the self-care she so deeply deserves.


Our Suggestions

For headaches: try our Soft gels, or rub some Muscle Rub on your temples
For anxiety or sleep help: try our Drink Additive or Infusion
For soreness: try our Muscle Rub or Salve in Unscented or Pink Grapefruit

To all Mothers out there: thanks for all your tireless work, and here’s to your well-being.

self care for mother's day


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