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Testimonial Elite Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes rely on their bodies to be in optimal condition to perform at the highest levels. These athletes push themselves to limits that many of us couldn’t bear, and then show up the next day to do it all again. An inevitable outcome from this pace of exertion is pain: inflammation in joints, pain in the knees, discomfort in the back or neck are commonly reported symptoms of high level athletes. Traditionally, these are treated with strong opioids which certainly treat the pain, but come with very serious side effects and a high probability of addiction.

During our planetarie challenge (which is over for now, but will come back soon!), a Strength and Conditioning Coach for elite professional athletes received some samples of our softgels. He has tried CBD in the past and has only noticed good results when that CBD is mixed with THC. Unfortunately, THC can have negative psychotropic effects as well as cause positive results on drug testing. We reached out to make sure he got the CBDa Softgels, and this is what he said:

“We did get them. It’s actually the first CBD product where I’ve noticed anything without THC. Really like the capsules, some of the guys are trying it now.”

— Strength and Condition Coach for Elite Pro Athletes

We love to hear this kind of feedback! CBDa is more potent and more effective than CBD, and doesn’t have negative effects of THC nor is it addictive. All the well-being and none of the bad stuff from THC or opioids. And if it helps elite athletes, chances are it’ll help you!