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Testimonial: Grumpy Ankles and the Head of Children's Hospital

We get it, CBDa is new and some people are skeptical about it. That makes sense to us, and we understand the hesitation with a new product that promises well-being. This is why we love to get testimonials like today’s: real people with real pain experiencing real well-being as a result of using planetarie.

Here’s a message from one of our customers to our CEO Stacy:

Hi Stacy.  After our conversation I got some of the salve for an old ankle injury that is irritated by too much running.  I think I can detect that it’s a lot less grumpy the next morning.  We gave some to our next door neighbor for the arthritis in her hand. She felt relief overnight and bought a jar.

Thanks for making this available.  I’m really glad to know about it.

By the way, our neighbor (who said, “It’s miraculous”) was head of Children’s Hospital and is an RN with PhD in health care, so she is in a position to know.

A runner with grumpy ankles and the head of Children’s Hospital found real well-being from the benefits of CBDa. Maybe the time for you to try it has come. And we’ve just decreased our prices to increase access to our product, so there’s never been a better time.