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Testimonial: Jason's Story

We regularly receive testimonials of how planetarie products are changing the lives of our customers for the better. We love to hear those stories, because at our core we are in this business for that reason: making lives better with natural well-being. When a particularly moving story comes to us, we want to celebrate it; we are sharing here for you to celebrate it, too.

Jason’s Story*
Jason’s story came to us from his mom. She sent us this email to express how well Jason is responding to planetarie’s drink additive. We include the email here in its entirety:

“Jason* is autistic and has an anxiety disorder.

He gets up every morning and takes his regular meds but immediately gets a bottle of water and adds his drink additive. Because of his anxiety I order 3 bottles at a time - if he does not see 3 bottles it really upsets him (even though he only uses his one drop as directed). He told me he can feel the difference and that he is calmer after he has his drink additive which we just started 3-4 months ago. His other meds he has been on for years and has never said that.”

Wow, we are thrilled that Jason has found well-being with planetarie CBDa, and we are honored to be a part of his story. And to Jason’s mom, we want her to know that she’s a freaking hero, and we celebrate her strength and care.

*While this testimonial is represented verbatim, names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.