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Testimonial: Phynn and Willis

Dogs are people, too, that’s what we always say. At planetarie, we are dog lovers through and through, and we developed our K-9 Infusion to give them the same benefits to well-being that we enjoy. And as it turns out, dog-lovers in our community have been enjoying it, too!

Robin wrote in to tell us about her big fur babies Phynn and Willis and how they are loving their K-9 Infusion.

My dogs are experiencing ‘side effects’ from the canine CBDa and I couldn’t be happier! Not only are their coats super shiny, shedding has become minimal! With two 65+ pound dogs living in the house you can imagine how much time I spent (note past tense 😁) vacuuming. Phynn is a Labrador who are known to be super shedders and Willis is Lab/hound, another known super shedder. I’m very pleased, thank you. I’ve just ordered 2 more bottles as well as another Infusion for myself.
❤️ Planetarie ❤️

Thanks Robin! We’re so glad to hear that Phynn and Willis are loving it, and that you can give your vacuum a much needed break.

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