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Trust and the Benefits of CBDa

There are lots of things to consider when making choices to benefit our own health:

Is this organic?
Is there anything in this that is not great for my body?
Will it have undesirable side effects?
Is the environment harmed in the production of this product?
Where is it from?
Are the workers treated with dignity?

And the list goes on and on. But maybe the most fundamental question, underneath and supporting all of these questions, informing our sense of the answers to the list above, is a question of trust.

Can I trust the claims this product or this company is making?
We think this is the most important question, and do everything we can to earn your trust and to prove that we are trustworthy. As we said earlier, we publish all of our certificates of analysis, which analysis is conducted by a third party company to avoid any conflict of interest. We also commit to not making any claims about our products that are fanciful or unsubstantiated (see our product pages for the care with which we talk about CBDa). Finally, while there is a lot of phony psuedo-science in this industry, we commit to trusting solid, repeatable science as we provide the cleanest, highest potency CBDa you can find. You can read our white paper here, see our internal Standards and Regulations, and see our CBD in scientific research section.

We believe in solid science, and value your trust.