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Why CBDa is a Game Changer

As an introduction, I’ve been a practicing physician and researcher for over 30 years, primarily practicing pediatric and adult Intensive Care Medicine. I've always been on the lookout for new and better therapies that deal with inflammatory processes. That is because so many severe illnesses are mediated by or made worse secondary to severe inflammation. Most people don’t realize that fact and associate inflammation to arthritis or something similar. However, many critical illnesses are a consequence of severe inflammation.

In 2020, my research interest, and my excitement for the CBDa formulation turned from investigational curiosity to personal interest. In early 2020, I became ill from the COVID-19 virus. I was initially ill for a week with the usual symptoms of COVID-19 but recovered within a couple of weeks. I was otherwise extremely healthy.  Six to eight weeks later, I suddenly developed profound neurological problems. These symptoms included limb weakness, severe fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and more importantly, recurrent fevers. I immediately realized how much of this was an inflammatory process, and with the help of my physicians, I was aggressively treated with immunoglobulin and plasmapheresis particularly targeting inflammation. During this time frame I would get better and then often within weeks I would get worse. Months after this health “roller-coaster”, I turned to CBDa. I understood after months of going through these recurrent symptoms, many of the issues I was experiencing were inflammatory in nature. So, I started oral CBDa because I understood the science but also knew for me, it was a “Hail Mary.”

Unfortunately, there have previously been few therapies that mitigate inflammation. I have spent years looking into alternative therapies. The first one that caught my attention was CBD oil. These oils can greatly affect inflammation, so I knew I needed to investigate further. However, at the time, the data for CBD was not very good. The way it was studied was not scientifically sound and most importantly, studies lacked reproducibility. So more or less, I put CBD on the back burner and waited for the necessary data to mature so to speak and mature it did. 

My interest in CBD was reinvigorated, mainly because of the profound anti-inflammatory effects that were consistently being discovered in these newer, more robust studies. These CBD based products were showing consistent results in-spite of the more scientifically rigorous approaches in studying them. My excitement grew even further when I began to understand that not all CBD products were the same and that the way they are processed can be different, but more importantly, each product could have varying anti-inflammatory effects. This is important because the most potent version of CBD oil and the most effective is the acidification version of CBD called CBDa. The acidification of this oil increases the anti-inflammatory properties, hundreds if not 1000 fold. Not only is the inflammatory response better, but it also carries a greater therapeutic response. 

Within weeks of starting oral CBDa, I noticed immediately that the fevers I was experiencing every three or four days almost completely resolved. Although the fevers resolved, many other symptoms persisted. So I doubled my dosage. Slowly, but very profoundly, symptoms began to improve. Due to my knowledge base, I realized what was going on. The CBDa was controlling the inflammation that COVID-19 initiated. For reasons that remain unclear, the inflammation keeps flaring with physical or emotional stress to my body. Although I still have problems such as severe fatigue issues, a lot of the other physical ailments are limiting or have completely disappeared. 

It's important to understand that not all CBD oils are created equal. The extraction process and purification process varies and can therefore affect the quality of the oil and the concentration of CBDa. Planetarie is unique in each of these areas. Their process is more natural with chemical free purification that produces a higher concentration of CBDa. Thanks to Planetarie and because of their quality products, there has been a profound change in my life.

L. Keith Scott MD MSc FCCM