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Why Planetarie

Tolkien called it a eucatastrophe, that sudden happy turn in a story that opens the way for new possibility, that ultimately carves a path for a happy ending.  In 2008, researchers had their own eucatastrophic moment, noticing that CBDa, long thought to have little treatment viability, bore a very similar nuclear structure to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  CBDa proved to be a thousand times more effective than CBD at the 5HT1A receptors in the linked study.

The All-Important “a”
One problem: turns out that little “a” is hard to come by.  In most common extraction methods, the decarboxylating process heats away the acidic precursor, leaving CBD, but losing the potent effectiveness for human well-being of the all-important “a”.  But what if this story has a second eucatastrophe, one that reveals a way to extract cannabinoids without heat, maintaining the acidic precursor, holding on to all the potential if offers for health and wellness?

A New Method
In 2018, the dedicated and optimistic team at Planetarie developed a method to extract CBDa without heating away the “a”, using neither alcohol nor CO2, but a proprietary and patent pending process that uses water.  Yes, water.  We are using cutting-edge science (we call our analytical chemist “Captain Science” so committed to real science are we) to get the best, most potent effects out of nature.  Planetarie isn’t simply infusing CBD tea; it is a legitimate extraction process whose central feature is water instead of heat and harsh chemicals.

The Outcome
The outcome genuinely feels like magic (as Asimov said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”): highly concentrated cannabinoids in a raw, closer-to-the-plant form that is stable and incredibly potent compared to traditional CBD.  The benefits are far-reaching: most obvious is the potent raw cannabinoids with no harsh chemicals, but subsidiary benefits include the planet-friendly by-products (water in, water out) and the wide possibilities of Planetarie’s C3 Raw Powder (C3 stands for Crystalline Cannabinoid Concentrate) for formulating into any number of consumer products.

A Watershed Moment
This is a watershed moment, a eucatastrophe in the science of extracting CBD.  Planetarie believes in the benefits of CBDa and has made an institutional commitment to the best in extraction tech, sciencing better nature for the sake of human well-being, a better industry, and a flourishing planet.