"I have been using the CBDa muscle rub for about 90 days now. I apply it to the perineal region to relieve inflammation caused by prostatitis. All I can say is WOW! I apply it prior to a road or mountain bike and as needed post-ride. It is very effective. It works within an hour of application. And I get COMPLETE relief for about two hours. So, my next question: Can the the sublingual Infusion be used concurrently with the muscle rub? I am assuming the sublingual Infusion needs to be ingested prior to exercise? An hour or so perhaps? Please advise and I will purchase both products before the day is out.
Thanks a million for your marvelous product!"

Gary Nebeker


"Some time ago we gave our 80-year-old next door neighbor some lotion for her arthritic hands and she said the pain relief was miraculous.  This week, we gave some to another neighbor 67 years old, with a painful, swollen knee.  Same result.  Both ordered more.  Thanks for what you do."

 Will Murray

"My sister was severely burned almost 2 years ago on her legs, is in pain everyday, and she uses the sports cream now and said is immediate relief and lasts...I did use, actually was signed up with another CBD company that I loved.  When planetarie came about, I tried their products and they are even better than the other company’s products and way stronger…"

Donna Sue

"The soft gels worked great to reduce inflammation."

Shelly, Coushatta La


"I was a competitive athlete for many years. My joints are worn out and I’ve suffered from daily pain for as long as I can remember. While this is a normal occurrence for many people as we age, I’ve been a paraplegic since age 20, so my shoulders have taken a pretty good beating. I have arthritis in my shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Both of my shoulders have partial rotator cuff tears and my wrist and hands have had multiple fractures that healed improperly because I couldn’t wear casts and lose my ability to get around. I’ve tried anti-inflammatories. I’ve seen specialists. I even tried electrical muscle stimulation therapy. Nothing worked. When I became aware of CBDa and started taking it every day my quality of life significantly improved. Now, with 50mg of CBDa and 20mg of CBD each day my pain is gone! I swim and run (push) daily with no discomfort. If CBDa can work for me, it should be of benefit to many more people who suffer from pain."

Jim Krancevic, Co-Founder, Buoyant Brands



"When we advise athletes about nutrition we recommend minimally processed whole foods, and planetarie’s game changing water-only extraction process produces CBDa, a compound that is ‘closer to the plant’ and retains valuable components that are destroyed by heavy processing."


Chris Carmichael, Olympic Cyclist & Team USA Cycling Coach



"The Softgels helped me a lot falling asleep at night. I also noticed having more energy throughout the day and some of my joint aches dissappeared completely. Highly recommended!"


Stefanie, 36

 Nataly Komova

"Overall, I found Planetarie’s CBDa product line super effective. The brand follows an environment-friendly approach to offering cannabinoids-based products for both wholesale and retail. It focuses on retaining the maximum benefits of the compound by using a water-based extraction method that preserves its raw form and is non-destructive to the plant. The brand also maintains transparency at all levels of operations from growing hemp to distributing the end products. Their drink additive is an easy-to-consume CBDa extract that can be added to a variety of beverages. It is super effective in relieving inflammation and relaxing and mind and body."


Nataly Komova, CBDlifemag

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